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He Is Going to Princeton

Yes, still cannot help missing him.

It’s been almost 7 years, since we first met. You sat there still at the back of the room, looking at me. Silence, and heart beating so loudly. I thought I must have met you before, but actually not. Being a classmate of you, I didn’t talk to you except the first days when you kept asking my name. Feeling so sorrow to be forgotten, we were just too young to love.

The real story began about 5 years ago. It was a hard time with the endless homework for a third-year high school student in China. The only common thing among us could be that we are both boarders, and good at physics in a way. You started to talk with me, asked me questions, glared at me when I was talking to other boy, playing with my pens, looked at me when I was called by the teacher for questions like a real couple, but actually we were not. Those sweet days were kept in my whole life, I thought I was flipped, completely. I swear I loved you more than any boyfriend I have ever dated.

Not all stories get a happy ending. It ends up with my stupid stubbornness and pride. I know it’s hard to restart, but I will try. Before that, I still want to improve myself so that to talk to you without my inferiority the next time I see you. As you deserve a better girl. Life is long, it’s never too late to chatch. Focus on my next 3 years, and hope it sparks!



forever admirer.