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Octopress Journey

    After one-day searching, I finally set up my own blog by octopress. It looks so amazing and I just fall in love with the green markdown at the first glance. I will just imigrate the previous blog @cnblog here.

    This is just a testing post where I learn how to write an article with markdown and post it under a certain page. According to the documentation of Octopress, to write a new post and create a new page:

rake new_page[super-awesome]
# creates /source/super-awesome/index.markdown

rake new_page[super-awesome/page.html]
# creates /source/super-awesome/page.html

to publish:

rake generate   # Generates posts and pages into the public directory
rake watch      # Watches source/ and sass/ for changes and regenerates
rake preview    # Watches, and mounts a webserver at http://localhost:4000
rake deploy
rake gen_deploy #combination

    I have come across a problem of the blog configuration, the source code should be under the root directory for preview, or maybe by changing somewhere else. I am still in my process of learning this new awsome tool.

    Here in my blog, the posts are under Articles. The articles are mainly about the reflections on front-end development and my daily life. Also, you may see some recent work on drawings or photographies under Gallery as I really like both of them. For more infomation, plz see About page. Thanks to github and octopress that I can set up the blog for free.

     If you have any issues or questions on the code or posts, please contact me. Lastly, I’m so pleasant of having your visit on this blog.